Mastering the Market Cycle: Getting the Odds on Your Side


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Publisher: Mariner Books

ISBN: 9780358108481

Format: Paperback

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Is good there are all about mindset in mastering the cycle

It show us how to trace where we're we at in each of the cycle and where to enter and to exit too.

Nur Aziyah

Very interesting book to read during a downcycle. First few chapters give you the bulk of his points, gets a little repetitive at the end.

Nur saidatul Hidayah
Market cycle

This book is a must read . Easy to understand , not technical and very insightful . There is some repetition but only to solidify the main idea which is that markets will continue to cycle and if u ever think that will ever change then u are absolutely wrong ! Knowing where u are in the cycle is the key to leveraging opportunities that will happen only 4-5 Times in ur life span . Otherwise u are just better off staying in the market for ever and not bothering with watching it.

Muhamad Aiman Aizuddin Bin Ali

The holy grail of investing is market timing and its realization is about as elusive. This is a guide on how to master the financial market cycle, which is something in a way related to market timing, but still very, very, very different. The master (that word again…) corporate bond investor and investment writer Howard Marks at Oaktree Capital Management is among those whom I admire most in financial markets and his first book The Most Important Thing ranks among my top five all time investment books. In a way this is a slight problem when it comes to Mastering the Market Cycle. A classical advice to companies reporting their financials is to “under-promise and over-deliver” – the thing is that Marks’ first book drives up expectations for this one to a level it cannot fully live up to. But it’s still a really inspiring book on an important and under-discussed area that I will put to good use immediately.

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