Match & Learn Animals - Storybook and Puzzle Cards Set

ISBN: 9781911060369
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Publisher,Crane Press
Publication Date,
Format, Flash Cards
Weight, 269 g
No. of Pages, 32

Now, this is a fun way for a child to learn about animals, become familiar with reading, and spend some quality time with someone they are very close to.

To start with this Match & Learn Set - Animals: Match and Learn with the Blu Gnu features a lovely little story that is written and illustrated by the very talented Daryl. This is actually part of a series and this book is all about the funny, interesting, and awesome world of animals.

The story I called, The Blu Gnu and it is a story that children are going to love reading with you and it will help them see just how much fun the world of books can really be. The wonderful illustrations really make this a story that children are going to have a lot of fun with.

While reading this adventure about the Blu Gnu is great, there is more to this than just a funny story. Also included are a set of high-quality puzzle cards and these are themed around animals. One card will have an illustration of an animal, like a lion for example.

The matching piece will say “lion” on it. Children need to match the animal to the word. This is a fun way for them to become not just familiar with animals, but words and letters too!

So not only is this something they are going to have a great time with, but children will also be using their problem-solving skills and becoming more familiar with reading too!

Key Features:

  • The story about the Blu Gnu is going to be something kids really love
  • Each page features some amazing artwork
  • The writing is fun and something kids will enjoy
  • This is a great way to encourage children to enjoy reading
  • The puzzle cards are fun, but also offer some great educational value

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