Modul Aktiviti Strategi PdP KSSR Sejarah Tahun 4 '24

ISBN: 9789837736184
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Format, Paperback
Weight, 380 g
No. of Pages, 138

The Modul Aktiviti Strategi PdP KSSR Semakan series is published specifically to meet the requirements of the Dokumen Standard Kurikulum dan Pentaksiran (DSKP) and Pentaksiran Berasaskan Sekolah (PBS), especially Pentaksiran Bilik Darjah (PBD) as outlined by the Malaysian Ministry of Education. This series is planned and formulated based on a dual-focus concept for the purpose of teaching and learning, as well as meeting the requirements of the latest PBD-Formative Assessment and Summative Assessment (Ujian Akhir Sesi Akademik). The content is written based on the requirements of DSKP, textbooks and the objectives of the Pelan Pembangunan Pendidikan Malaysia (PPPM) 2013-2025.

To ensure that pupils experience a more effective learning experience, this series also applies a user-friendly concept into the layout and font selection. In additional to the comprehensive notes and effective practices, elemetns such as Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS); i-THINK; Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics (STEAM); Pendidikan Sivik Module; Pendidikan Keselamatan Jalan Raya (PKJR) Module, and Pembelajaran Abad Ke-21 (PAK-21) Module are incorporated into the content to ensure pupils can master the syllabus and lessons effectively. This integrated approach is used to help pupils to better understand the lessons delivered by teachers at school.

In addition, this series is complemented by a dual-version package with elements that are suitable for hybird and smart classrooms, such as the teacher's copy in digital form (online/offline), audio, video links, interactive activities, video tutorials, quizzes, notes in PowerPoint form, and extra practices in accordance with the educational transformation as stipulated in PPPM 2013-2025.

With a dual-focused, dual-version, dynamic, holistic, innovative and creative approach, the Modul Aktiviti Strategi PdP KSSR Semakan series is expected to help teachers implement PdP effectively, as well as help pupils master the lessons and skills. The hybrid elements involving both conventional and digital approaches will help drive the education system to be more progressive and fulfill the objectives outlined in PPPM 2013-2025.

Book Features:

  • Pautan Video.
  • Aktiviti Interaktif.
  • Video Tutorial.
  • Kuiz.
  • Berdasarkan Format Ujian Akhir Sesi Akademik Terkini.
  • Jawapan Disediakan.
  • Item Dimension: 26.2cm x 21cm x 0.6cm

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