Mr Midnight #15: My Friend's Now A Mummy!

ISBN: 9789813056893
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Publisher,Angsana Books
Publication Date,
Format, Paperback
Weight, 140 g
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Turn off your lights, get ready for frights! When the clock strikes midnight and the moon's full and bright, it's time for dread and fear. For Mr Midnight is here with two stories, double the danger and twice the terror!

STORY ONE: When Kelsey Lim and her friends visit the museum, they're trapped in a sinister mystery. You won t be able to sleep until you finish reading MY FRIEND'S NOW A MUMMY!

STORY TWO: MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE is a nice wish. But not when the evil Dream Maker made all Zen Kuan s worst nightmares come to life!

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Mohd Asnawi
Simple but still fun and scary

Sometimes it's really scary but sometimes is really fun book and looks like realistic compare to other scary stories.