Mr Midnight #31: Stop The Deadly Dummies!

ISBN: 9789814193160
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Publisher,Angsana Books
Publication Date,
Format, Paperback
Weight, 140 g
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Turn off your lights, get ready for frights! When the clock strikes midnight and the moon's full and bright, it's time for dread and fear. For Mr. Midnight is here with two stories, double the danger and twice the terror!

STORY ONE: A simple shopping trip goes horribly wrong when Jazzmen Teo and his friends come face to face with walking, talking store mannequins. Death lurks round every corner as they fight an evil enemy to STOP THE DEADLY DUMMIES!

STORY TWO: WHO SENT ME A COFFIN? screams Cammie Chan. Her curiosity leads her to a haunted tomb filled with dread and danger. Can she survive a zombie, a crazed grave robber and killer clowns?

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Mohd Asnawi
Interesting and enjoy

The story not really scary but it interesting and fun and I enjoyed both stories.