No Nonsense: Time Management : 50 Tips to Hack Your Time and Get Everything Done

ISBN: 9781632651778
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Publisher,Career Press
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Format, Paperback
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Fight distraction and find your focus. Go for your goals. Master your online life.

Karen and Keith's easy-to-implement advice will maximize your efficiency and enable you to find more time in your day. --Tory Johnson, CEO of Women For Hire and contributor on Good Morning America

No Nonsense: Time Management is full of powerful principles for being more productive with less stress and more satisfaction. I recommend this book for anyone who wants to make the most of their time in business. --Dr. Brenda Wade, relationship expert on The Dr. Oz Show

In today's hurly-burly work environment, many businesspeople find it challenging to avoid distraction, stay focused, use their time and energy to maximum benefit, and gain ground on important goals and outcomes. In short, we are overloaded.

No Nonsense: Time Management helps you overcome this feeling of overload and avoid the traps that lead to an unproductive relationship with time. The book offers smart solutions, powerful habits, and proven time hacks for improving everyday work situations: -

Harness the power of completion -

Stay sane dealing with social media -

Get a procrastination inoculation -

Play the 80/20 game of accomplishment -

Set goals -

Make lists -

Have more efficient conversations -

Organize your email inbox -

Retool your priority system -

Identify your interruptions -

Overcome multitasking madness

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