Old is Gold: A Malaysian Folk Tale

ISBN: 9789674152819
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When famine hits Kampung Kaki Bukit, the headman sends away the old people in the village to save food to feed the young. But Usop hides Opah, his grandmother, in the house. When a wandering warrior's puzzle presents an opportunity to save the village, only Opah has the solution. But will Usop be willing to reveal his secret to the headman?


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Ikram Kausari
Great book about local folktale.

This book teach us how to respect to elderly people especially someone related to us. We can see how rude the village chief blames elderly people as burden. When problem comes in, the village chief had no idea how to solve it. Then the boy's grandma, Opah who had been save, help him. Thanks to the Opah, she not only saved the village, but also teach the lesson to village chief how important to respect the elderly people. Conclusion, never rude to elderly people despite sometime they seem bother to us, but very useful when we need help.