Once Upon a Miao 4: My School Holidays

ISBN: 9786299834106
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Publisher,Goh Kheng Swee & Boey Chee Ming
Publication Date,
Format, Paperback
Weight, 420 g
No. of Pages, 200

Once Upon A Miao 4: My School Holidays invites readers to explore the treasured past and cultural habits of Kuching, brought to life through the rich storytelling and engaging artwork of Jian Goh.

In this installment, the author shares their personal experiences, including the challenges of growing up with a mentally ill mother, and the solace and adventure found in the company of friends.

The artistic direction, guided by renowned author and artist Boey Chee Ming, offers a fresh perspective with unique art styles and presentation techniques, resulting in an immersive and impactful reading and experience.

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Chen Khai Foo

Once Upon a Miao 4 : My School Holiday