Outcast (Chronicles of Ancient Darkness #4)

ISBN: 9781842551158
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Publisher,Orion Publishing
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Format, Paperback
Weight, 420 g
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The dreadful secret that Torak carries with him at the close of SOUL EATER is revealed and he is cast out from the clans. It's his fourteenth summer. He's alone, cut off even from Wolf and Renn. Hunted and on the run he takes refuge in unknown territory - the haunted reedbeds of Lake Axehead, where he is menaced by the Hidden People.

Other threats lurk nearby and his battle with the Soul-Eaters is far from over . . . As he fights for his life, Torak uncovers a deception too awful to contemplate, one that shakes him to the core and shatters his world.

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Ikram Kausari
Very good. I really likes this series.

Yes! Michelle Paver does it again with this splendid entry in her Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series. Torak is alone and soul sick and we wonder whether Seshru, the Soul Eater and Viper Mage will get the fire opal and conquer him or whether Bale and Renn will save him in time. And Wolf...
As always, we are spellbound with the vivid evocation of this world long ago and the wonder of discovery and friendship of the characters. There are painful revelations here as we pass the summit of the story and head towards the last two books - certainly the confrontations with the remaining soul eaters will be paramount. In the meantime, I derive an incredible amount of satisfaction from this series reading it with my son and rooting for Torak, Renn and Wolf!