Quantum Mechanics: The Theoretical Minimum

ISBN: 9780141977812
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In The Theoretical Minimum, world-class physicist Leonard Susskind provided a brilliant first course in classical mechanics, offering readers not an oversimplified introduction but the real thing - everything you need to start doing physics, and nothing more. Now he returns with the next challenge that every aspiring physics buff must tackle: quantum mechanics.

Unlike most popular physics books, Susskind and his co-author Art Friedman teach the maths and equations that are essential to any real understanding of quantum mechanics. Combining crystal-clear explanations, witty and helpful dialogues, and basic exercises, Quantum Mechanics is, to paraphrase Einstein, as simple as possible, but no simpler.

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Lee Zong Xuan
Good Start to Quantum Mechanics

This book introduces the concepts and fundamentals of quantum mechanics in simple and easily understandable ways, very helpful if you wanted to explore about quantum mechanics as a beginner but do not know where to begin with. I’m having fun and deep thoughts about quantum mechanics with this book, wish you have the same thrills towards the book and the subject too

Nurulidayu Mohamed
Good book!

This book explains about quantum mechanics in details; from basic conceptual to advanced references. Written by famous physicist, this book is a must read for those who are wondering about this topic. I have yet to finish the book and I hope to complete reading it by end of FMCO :)