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With Science Hacks, you no longer need a PhD to understand the fascinating ideas behind science's greatest theories and discoveries. This latest addition to the ingenious new Hacks series will show you a technique for understanding and, crucially, remembering 100 of the most important and most interesting scientific theories from throughout the ages.

On each topic, you'll start with a helicopter overview of the subject, which will give you an introduction to the idea and some context surrounding it. Next, you'll zoom in on the core elements of the theory, with clear explanation of each point to make sure you really understand the concept before finally, you'll be given a one-liner hack to really make the theory stick in your mind.

Includes such topics and fields as:

Particle Physics
Evolutionary Biology


About the Author

Dr Colin Barras is a science writer who has written for New Scientist, the Daily Telegraph and the BBC, along with numerous academic papers during his PhD at the University of Birmingham. He also wrote for the ATLAS project, part of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. He currently lives between Ann Arbor, Michigan and Edinburgh, Scotland.
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