See Inside Germs

ISBN: 9781474943680
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Publisher,Usborne Publishing Ltd
Publication Date,
Format, Board Book
Weight, 750 g
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Explore the microscopic world of bacteria, viruses and other microbes with this fascinating lift-the-flap book. Discover how germs spread, how the immune system works, the amazing vaccines and antibiotics humans have created, and much more. With Usborne Quicklinks to specially selected websites for activities and videos and up to date information about coronovirus.

Customer Reviews

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Huzair Miqdad
Simple and informative

The book is very informative about germs and even included facts about the Coronavirus. A good way to teach kids about germs and why they should practice good hygiene.

Ikram Kausari
Microbs for beginners

This book is good for kids who curious about germs! They can learn what germs are, where are they come from and how to prevent diseases caused by them. Kids also can learn how many different kinds of germs especially for preschoolers! For parents who often puzzled how to tell kids what germs are, this book is for you!