Self-Love Crystals: Crystal spells and rituals for magical self-care

ISBN: 9780711290792
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Publisher,Lepaing Hare Press
Publication Date,
Format, Hardcover
Weight, 750 g
No. of Pages, 144

From rose quartz for self-love and citrine for self-confidence, to tiger’s eye for self-assurance and amethyst for self-belief, you’ll find the perfect crystal for all your magical and self-care needs in Self-Love Crystals.

Written by crystal expert and modern mystic, Katie Huang (Love By Luna), and filled with rituals and recipes to help you boost your everyday wellbeing, learn how to harness the mystical powers of 30 crystals, and incorporate them into your daily self-care practice.

Embrace the art of cleansing, charging, and connecting with your crystals, and unearth their heart-warming energies with:

  • A rose quartz spell jar for self-love;
  • A clear quartz renewal shower ritual;
  • A black tourmaline cord-cutting ritual;
  • An amethyst crystal elixir for breaking bad habits;
  • A moonstone serenity crystal grid;
  • A hematite healthy boundaries spell;
  • A colorful crystal chakra healing ceremony;
  • A carnelian crystal elixir for boosting confidence;

… and more!

With tips and tricks to help you on your self-care and crystal healing journey, this sparkling guide to crystal magic is truly a must-have for every modern mystic.


About the Author

Katie Huang is the founder of Love By Luna (, @lovebyluna), a leading astrological lifestyle brand. She is also the author of Crystal Zodiac and Luminous Dreams. Katie's expertise and insights on living with crystals and the cosmos make her an authority for modern mystics. Her insightful work has been featured in numerous publications such as Forbes, Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue, and Marie Claire. One of her ventures, MoonBox, is a spiritual subscription box that follows the lunar cycle. She is a Pisces and lives in California, USA.

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