Shine: Fulfil Your Potential

ISBN: 9789833832286
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Publisher,Advantage Quest Publications
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Format, Paperback
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Do you want to stand out from colleagues at work as ‘most wanted' employee?  Do you dream of getting a job you'll love and making your mark?  Do you want to increase your standing and respect in your job?

For all the answers turn to Shine, a one-stop resource revealing the 34 ultimate skills you need for a stellar career.  Whether you're already a high flying manager looking to take the next step up in your job, or an ambitious graduate who wants to climb the career ladder as fast as you can, Shine gives you instant access to all the top career management advice you'll ever need.

Perfect to dip in and out of, each chapter starts with a handy snapshot summary of all you need to know about each essential job skill, then shows you how to actually incorporate each skill into your everyday work life. Gems to discover include:

    * Keep your eyes on the prize – know your goals, and how to achieve them
    * Succeed in spotting your opportunities - and make the most of them
    * Carve out your own niche – so you become indispensible at work
    * Build up your network – and grow your reputation
    * Deal with difficult people – and still achieve what you want
    * Perfect your communication – be effective and sharp
    * Learn to love change – and make it work for you
    * Develop the ability to influence – while still being a team player
    * Streamline your time – achieve the ideal work-life balance
    * Know how to say ‘no' – keep your perspective and avoid job stress

Distilling the most essential careers advice you need, career coach Jenny Ungless gives you exclusive access to the best career guidance around and shows you how to use it every day to further your career. Invaluable for all ambitious employees, you'll turn to this book again and again throughout your career, whatever stage you're at.

By following these golden rules you will shine brighter than your colleagues and achieve the outstanding career you've always wanted.

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