Surrounded by Narcissists: or, How to Stop Other People's Egos Ruining Your Life

ISBN: 9781785043673
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Publisher,Random House UK
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Format, Paperback
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From the Sunday Times bestselling author of Surrounded by Idiots

Are you overshadowed by the narcissists in your life? Are you worn out by their constant demands for attention, their absolute belief they are right (even when clearly they are not), their determination to do what they want (regardless of impact), and their baffling need to control everyone and everything around them?

In this thought-provoking, sanity-saving book, Thomas Erikson helps you understand what makes narcissists tick and, crucially, how to handle them without wearing yourself out in the process. With the help of the behavioural model made famous in Surrounded by Idiots , Erikson provides all the tools you need to manage not just the narcissists around you but everyday narcissism as well - itself becoming more widespread in this age of social media. Engaging and practical, Surrounded by Narcissists will help you free yourself from narcissistic agendas so you can pursue a happier, more fulfilling and successful life.


Thomas Erikson

Internationally renowned expert on human behavior and author of Surrounded by Idiots

Thomas’ mission is to guide people to better self-awareness, and thereby better understanding of others. His Surrounded by Idiots is translated to over 50 languages, and his is an internationally sought after speaker and lecturer. Thomas latest addition to his behavioral quest is the Mentor Mysteries, a series of books where behavioral knowledge and fiction meets in a new genre called Smart Crime.


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It's a great book to read. It gave me answers to all of my confusions and helped me to understand people and their characteristics even more better. Definitely a very helpful book especially when you're having a hard time around the so called "narcissistic" person.
It even help me to understand who i am and how to read people's intentions better.