The Art of Negotiation

ISBN: 9781912615124
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Publisher,IAS Publishing
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Format, Paperback
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Anyone can learn to become a good negotiator. Let me show you how.

I became a professional negotiator at the age of 23, and within just 12 months, I was single-handedly negotiating $1,000,000 deals. Being a negotiator has been such an empowering experience, and I've been able to transfer my professional skills into my personal life. Whether it's buying a home, budgeting for a wedding, or even buying a car, we all need to negotiate.

In this book, I'll share insider tips, as well as teach you how to master the fundamentals, set clear objectives, overcome obstacles (i.e. turn 'no' into 'yes') and build long-term relationships, whether you are negotiating for
yourself, or on behalf of your business. I will also give you practical advice and run through real-world scenarios to ensure you have the confidence to tackle your next negotiation head on.

Ready to see what you can achieve?

Customer Reviews

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The art of negotiation

When we want to negotiate with someone,we have to be a good talker . We have to be a skillfull person so that the negotiation went well . This book teach us how to be a good negotiation .

siti aisyah

the story is about the journey of the author itself, how he become a good negotiator. he state all the tips and advices on how to empowering the bargaining skill into yourlife. i believe after read this book, everyone can instantly benefit from learning good negotiation skills. the book does a great job of teaching such skills to the reader.