The Authentic Organization: How To Create a Psychologically Safe Workplace

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"The Authentic Organization is an empowering guide, offering an approachable framework for organizations to go beyond diversity and inclusion. It is an invaluable resource for any leader hoping to gain and maintain a competitive edge in today's talent market!"

- Sergio Rodriguez, Senior Manager, Global Workforce DEI Solutions

"The Authentic Organization deals with a hugely important topic – how to create Psychological Safety in the workplace. This book is insightful, practical, fun and easy to read!"

-Andreas Richter, Professor of Organisational Behaviour, University of Cambridge

“This is a timely book, written with heart. There is an increasing focus on Psychological Safety and Gina brings the concept to life, explaining how to make it a reality for everyone in our organisations.”

-Simon Blake, Chief Executive Officer, Mental Health First Aid England

Mastering Psychological Safety: Your definitive guide to cultivating a psychologically safe workplace

In The Authentic Organization: How to Create a Psychologically Safe Workplace, CEO of the Psychological Safety Institute Gina Battye, delivers a hands-on manual to create work environments where people thrive. You’ll discover actionable strategies to establish a psychologically safe workplace; challenging and transforming workplace attitudes and outdated workplace cultures. Expect to experience a paradigm shift where psychological safety is at the core, enabling an inclusive culture and catalyzing organizational success. This book goes beyond the mechanics of creating a safe workplace, it also empowers individuals to unleash their authentic selves, not just surviving, but truly thriving, both professionally and personally. You’ll gain valuable insights and practical guidance to bring your authentic self to work, effectively navigate workplace interactions and create a highly conducive environment for teamwork and collaboration. Ultimately, you will have everything you need to drive cultural change and take an active role in creating a psychologically safe environment that empowers your team and transforms your entire organization.

Gina masterfully navigates you through her distinctive approach, the world-renowned 5 Pillars of Psychological Safety framework, meticulously designed to cultivate an environment where your organization and people thrive. Within these pages you will encounter:

  • A transformative process that empowers individuals to bring their Authentic Self to work, tapping into hidden capabilities to excel in their professional lives.
  • A comprehensive communication framework that equips individuals to effortlessly master effective workplace interactions.
  • A ground-breaking methodology that cultivates an environment where teams thrive and collaborate effectively in a calm and focused workplace setting.

A must-read blueprint for anyone aiming to create psychologically safe work environments, 
The Authentic Organization is your comprehensive guide to cultivating a workplace where individuals and teams thrive. This book is the ultimate manual that leaders, managers, human resources professionals, Employee Resource Group leads, and business innovators have been waiting years for.


About the Author

GINA BATTYE is the CEO and founder of the Psychological Safety Institute. Renowned worldwide as an award-winning consultant, trainer and speaker, Gina’s groundbreaking work has firmly established her as a global leader in workplace Psychological Safety. Leveraging her extensive experience, she has transformed outdated workplace cultures within multinational corporations into environments where people thrive.


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