The Bazi 60 Pillars - Life Analysis Method: Yi Wood

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The Life Analysis Method Revealed
Learn to attune your mind's eye to read a BaZi Chart through the Pictorial Method of BaZi analysis. There are sixty possible combinations of the Five Elements and their different polarities which made up the 60 Pillars. Joey Yap's 60 Pillars Life Analysis Method is a refined and enhanced technique that are based on the fundamentals set by the true masters of olden times, and modified to fit to the sophistication of current times. Each Pillar is explained through a guide on its personality, character, abilities, work approach and its affinity to others in terms of love, acquaintance and family. This book will help you visualize BaZi in a whole new light and elevate your proficiency in BaZi Chart analysis.

What You'll Learn:
- An introduction to the BaZi 60 Pillars
- The Pictorial Analysis Method, an effective technique in interpreting and analyzing BaZi Charts
- The traits of each Yi Wood Pillar in terms of general characteristics and behavior in work and relationships
- The technical analysis of BaZi Chart based on the Day Pillar
- The compatibility analysis between each Yi Wood Pillar with other Pillars of the 60 Jia Zi cycle

Chapter Highlights
Section One: General Descriptions of the Stems
This part gives an overview of each Stem, and provides you with a general impression before you delve deeper into the following sections.
Section Two: Classic Extraction from Di Tian Sui
The classical texts of Di Tian Sui provide a solid platform for any learner of BaZi of any experience level to begin and advance their knowledge in the field. This section is extracted from the works by Joey Yap's most esteemed student, Mr Hung Hin Cheong.
Section Three: General Observation of the Pillar
Matters of marriage, career, wealth, and family are expanded upon in this section. This section is mercifully written in a simple way, free from jargon and technical lingo.
Section Four: Technical Analysis
This section contains some technical aspects pertaining to this BaZi Pillar.
Section Five: The 60 Pillars Unique Combination
Assess the likely outcome of different Pillars combinations; good or bad. You can also learn the specific structure name and advance your skills by understanding the analysis behind each combination.

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