The Bomber Mafia (UK)


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Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd

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Bomber mafia

There is a lot to fascinate in this narrative — Gladwell pulls threads from many directions to weave a unified whole — but it’s not a very long read and didn’t grip me with the moral quandary at its heart. A little slight, a little pat, but definitely interesting while it lasted. Rounding up to four stars.

Chan Kok Seng
The Bomber Mafia

This book quotes war as a background, and it inspires us how to get the most benefit with the smallest sacrifice. Just like in a commercial society, how to use technology and the best considerations to accomplish the ultimate goal and benefits.


This book is something that keeps you invested as it is presented as a bit more than a piece of history.

Muhamad Aiman Aizuddin Bin Ali

The deadliest raid of WWII, what led up to it and who was involved. This was a stunning but entertaining audio books, one I probably wouldn't have picked up if it wasn't written by Gladwell. Just not a subject I seem out, nor do I think I would have liked it as much had I read. The Audio features music, sound effects, spoken archival interviews, even one by Ronald Reagan and Gladwell's voice was perfect for the narration.

Norden, LeMay, the Air force, DuPont, a full range of characters that invented ways to make war more effective, with the hope that this war would be the last. Highlights how technological advances are often used in ways they were not meant. Limited in scope, short in play time, I found this thought provoking.

Nur Alyah
Good read

Read it in only a few days. Would like to read it again

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