The End of Online Shopping: The Future of New Retail in an Always Connected World

ISBN: 9789813274761
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Retail is going through difficult times and is suffering the consequences of both the economic crisis and the digitization of society. Fundamentally, there is a bigger problem: stores cannot keep up with the changing behavior of customers who are connected 24/7, customers for whom there is no distinction between online and offline.The End of Online Shopping: The Future of New Retail in an Always Connected World describes how the smart, the sharing, the circular, and the platform economy are shaping a new era of always connected retail. Retailers urgently need to innovate if they want to stay relevant in a world dominated by marketplaces and sharing platforms. The book contains inspiring examples from different industries - which include the usual suspects such as Amazon, Alibaba, and Google, but also local startups - and covers all aspects of the customer journey, from orientation and selection to delivery.The End of Online Shopping provides an excellent overview of shopping trends and developments worldwide, and offers readers indispensable insights into the future of retail.
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Wijnand Jorgen did a good job in summarizing the future of e-commerce backing up his prediction with various emerging tech and the impact they might bring. The truth is our future is uncertain, complicated by the many new technologies. Very few leaders can glimpse a strong vision of how it might be in the next 5-10 years, yet Wijnand’s vision provide a logical view on how it might turned out. It struck a few chords in my mind and I do agree with many of his predictions. Worth the read for people who are interested about how our future might be.