The Five Money Personalities

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For Richer or For Poorer

The Five Money Personalities has returned in this revised edition by the new Money Couple: Taylor and Megan Kovar.

Every couple argues about money. It doesn't matter if you've been married for forty years or dating for four months, money touches every decision you make as a couple. And when the two of you don't see eye to eye on spending and saving, disagreements turn into toxic fights that leave both feeling hurt and angry.

But what if you could understand and embrace your unique money differences and transform your financial relationship for the better? The Kovars believe you can do just that by discovering your Money Personalities.

Dive into the world of the five Money Personalities to learn about your Primary and Secondary personality:

  • Spender
  • Flyer
  • Saver
  • Security Seeker
  • Risk Taker


Once you know your Money Personalities, you can get to the root of your money arguments and begin working together as a team. It's not just about money management, and it's definitely not just about overcoming debt. It is a whole new way of living that will change everything in your relationship.

The Five Money Personalities was previously written by Scott and Bethany Palmer.


About the Author

Taylor Kovar, CFP, is a keynote speaker, author, and the founder of Kovar Wealth Management. His experiences growing and exiting multiple businesses have made him a sought-out resource for leaders of growing businesses nationwide. He and his high school sweetheart wife, Megan, are known as The Money Couple and they use that platform to teach others to become financially free and enjoy thriving, happy marriages.

Megan Kovar is a speaker, author, and one of the faces behind The Money Couple brand with her husband, Taylor. She is passionate about teaching women Biblically based principles on how not to lose themselves, or their marriage, during the early motherhood season of life. When she is not homeschooling her three young children, you will likely find her decluttering the kitchen junk drawer as few things bring her more joy than an organized home.


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