The Leader Who Had No Title: A Modern Fable on Real Success in Business and in Life

ISBN: 9781439109137
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For more than fifteen years, Robin Sharma has been quietly sharing with Fortune 500 companies and many of the super-rich a success formula that has made him one of the most sought-after leadership advisers in the world. Now, for the first time, Sharma makes his proprietary process available to you, so that you can get to your absolute best while helping your organization break through to a dramatically new level of winning in these wildly uncertain times.

In The Leader Who Had No Title, you will learn: 

  • How to do genius-level work, regardless of your position
  • 8 strategies to leap from being busy to achieving stunning results
  • Transformational leadership lessons to build a great company
  • An instant strategy to build a world-class team and become a "merchant of wow" with your customers
  • Hard-hitting tactics to become  mentally strong and physically tough enough to lead your field in times to deep change
  • Practical ways to defeat stress, build an unbeatable mind-set, unleash energy, and balance your personal life

Regardless of what you do within your organization and the current circumstances of your life, the single most important fact is that you have the power to show leadership. Wherever you are in your career or life, you should always play to your peak abilities.

This book shows you how to claim that staggering power, as well as transform your life—and the world around you—in the process.

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Anis Syahira Mhd Yusof
Robin Sharma

The book enables you to feel and achieve fulfilment in all aspects of your life. It's one of the best books for motivating and inspiring you to always perform at your best, no matter where you are in your career or life. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to achieve true success and happiness.

Rohani binti To'
The Leader Who Had No Title

This book is one of the best books to motivate and inspire you to always apply your best abilities in your career or life.