The Ocean Book: Explore the Hidden Depth of Our Blue Planet

ISBN: 9781788682367
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Explore the hidden depths of our blue planetGet ready to dive into the hidden depths of the world's oceans and seas.This comprehensive and beautiful guide to our oceans covers everything from prehistoric oceans and early marine exploration to the amazing animals, birds and plants that live in the ocean and lost underwater cities.We also explore the harmful effects of climate change, oil spills and plastic waste, and what we can do to help.
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Publisher,Lonely Planet
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Format, Hardcover
Weight, 1200 g
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A Great Book To Grab

This encyclopedia covers on so many info regarding mystery hidden under the sea. Such great info to be discover such journey through sunken cities and shipwrecks and how harmful effects on Carbone dioxide to the oceans creatures and fishes.
Definitely, so worth it to be read and keep as your collection!

Huzair Miqdad
Great Encylopedia

This book is a very excellent encyclopedia about oceans. Filled with a lot of facts and illustrations about the ocean. Suitable for 10 years old+