The Psychology of Stupidity

ISBN: 9780143134992
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Stupidity is all around us, from the coworker who won't stop hitting "reply all" to the former high school classmate posting conspiracy theories on Facebook. But in order to vanquish it, we must first understand it. In The Psychology of Stupidity, some of the world's leading psychologists and thinkers--including a Nobel Prize winner and bestselling authors--will show you...

* why smart people sometimes believe in utter nonsense;
* how our lazy brains cause us to make the wrong decisions;
* why trying to debate fools is a trap;
* how media manipulation and Internet overstimulation make us dumber;
* why the stupidest people don't think they're stupid.
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This book from French psychologist was really interesting. In this book, he gathered all the psychology article from different psychologist. This book highlight so many issues, like how social media always manipulate us with clickbait title, why smart people always believe in dumb thing, degrees of stupidity and so many more. Vey very refreshing book to read!

The psychology of stupidity

Stupidity is all around us, there is no way that stupidity can lose its power. It's exponential. Rather than study the idiot as an object, psychological research focuses on understanding why people act like idiots sometimes. Studies of behavioral scripts show that most of the time people do not analyze their environment deeply before they act. They depend on familiar, habitual routine actions, which they execute automatically in response to internal or environmental factors. Fundamental need to drag the living, the heroic, and the simply decent down to their own level. This compendium will leave readers equally amused, appalled, and enlightened.

Chen Lena
The Psycology Of Stupidity

This book very interesting and well organize. And also the title very attractive. Knowledgeable and worth of reading this book.