The Queen's Gambit: Now a Major Netflix Drama

ISBN: 9781474622578
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Publisher,Orion Publishing Co
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Format, Paperback
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NOW A MAJOR NETFLIX SERIES starring Anya Taylor-Joy from Academy-Award nominee Scott Frank and BAFTA nominee Allan Scott

'Superb' Time Out
'Mesmerizing' Newsweek
'Gripping' Financial Times
'Sheer entertainment. It is a book I reread every few years - for the pure pleasure and skill of it' Michael Ondaatje
'Don't pick this up if you want a night's sleep' Scotsman

When she is sent to an orphanage at the age of eight, Beth Harmon soon discovers two ways to escape her surroundings, albeit fleetingly: playing chess and taking the little green pills given to her and the other children to keep them subdued. Before long, it becomes apparent that hers is a prodigious talent, and as she progresses to the top of the US chess rankings she is able to forge a new life for herself. But she can never quite overcome her urge to self-destruct. For Beth, there's more at stake than merely winning and losing.

Customer Reviews

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Khairul Anwar Sahri
Madly in love with Beth

I loved The Queen’s Gambit totally and obviously I’m recommending it to everyone. The matches are genuinely tense and thrilling to read even without understanding the moves as they’re being described. Beth Harmon is an amazing and memorable character. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about her life

Mohd Asnawi Bin Hasbullah
Great series as the book

The series is great, but the book is much better

Mesmerizing story plot line

This story is about a young girl who lost her parent in an accident and was sent to an orphanage house. At there, she start learning how to play a chess from Mr. Shaibel a janitor from that place and who know that she was a prodigy of playing chess. From here onward, she start to challenged other master chess on entering open chess tournament. Follow her journey on how she facing upside down of her life in a world of chess prodigy.