The Whispering Muse

ISBN: 9781526627209
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Publisher,Bloomsbury UK
Publication Date,
Format, Paperback
Weight, 218 g
No. of Pages, 304

The perfect dark, gothic tale to curl up with this winter


'Spooky, atmospheric, brilliant' Bridget Collins

'Glitteringly dark and mesmerising' Jennifer Saint

Be careful what you wish for... it may just come true.

At The Mercury Theatre in London's West End, rumours are circulating of a curse.

It is said that the lead actress Lilith has made a pact with Melpomene, the tragic muse of Greek mythology, to become the greatest actress to ever grace the stage. Suspicious of Lilith, the jealous wife of the theatre owner sends dresser Jenny to spy on her, and desperate for the money to help her family, Jenny agrees.

What Jenny finds is a woman as astonishing in her performance as she is provocative in nature. On stage, it's as though Lilith is possessed by the characters she plays, yet off stage she is as tragic as the Muse who inspires her, and Jenny, sorry for her, befriends the troubled actress. But when strange events begin to take place around the theatre, Jenny wonders if the rumours are true, and fears that when the Muse comes calling for payment, the cost will be too high.

'Gloriously gothic' Erin Kelly
'Immersive' Beth Underdown
'Fantastic' Rebecca Netley
'Darkly seductive and artfully realised' Susan Stokes-Chapman

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