The Winning Link: A Proven Process To Define, Align, And Execute Strategy At Every Level

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Give ownership of business strategy to every employee at every level of your organization

You have a great product. You have top-notch talent. You have a process that’s been carefully mapped out. So, what’s missing? Executive, speaker, and leadership authority Billy Ray Taylor points to a lack of clarity on strategy that makes it impossible for your employees to understand how their activities fit within the company’s overall vision and to take true ownership of their careers.

In this groundbreaking guide, Taylor reveals how his proprietary LinkedX Process can help your organization cultivate "extreme ownership" at every level, from top management to front-line employees. Each chapter clearly covers one of the five steps of the Process, providing an actionable roadmap to reaching clearly defined benchmarks and turning them into winning practices.

Taylor's proven program will show you how to:

  • Build and deploy a clear, purpose-driven strategy with clarity
  • Align the strategy with process, assets, and talent to deliver growth and profitability
  • Enable and develop people-driven ownership and adherence to process
  • Measure what matters by defining standards and performance
  • Understand that winning is more than just the numbers

Highlighted by Taylor’s personal experiences working with companies across the globe, The Winning Link offers you a step-by-step playbook for creating a corporate culture-driven approach to success.

About the Author

Billy Ray Taylor is the Founder and President of LinkedXL, a firm that works with organizations to build sustainable operating systems that inspire people-driven excellence. He previously spent 30 years with the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., most recently serving as Director of North American Manufacturing and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer.
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