Thea Stilton #13: Thea Stilton and the Mystery on Orient Express

ISBN: 9780545341059
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Geronimo's adventurous sister Thea narrates this fabulous adventure that's packed with action, mystery, and friendship! The Thea Sisters are boarding the famouse Orient Express for a journey from Paris to Istanbul! The train is on a special trip to return a precious wedding dress stolen years ago from an Istanbul museum. But there's a rumor that the mysterious Acrobat Thief will steal the dress from the moving train! The Thea Sisters are determined to foil this super-sneaky mouse's plans.

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Publisher,Scholastic Inc.
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Format, Paperback
Weight, 420 g
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Nur Firzanah Mohd Zaidi
Mystery with a twist!

The most unexpected twists had actually came from this book. I was really blown away by how it all fits the current situation before resolving the pieces together.