This Book Is a Safe Space

ISBN: 9781642507898
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Colorful Doodledwellness Illustrations to Support Mental Health and Wellness

 "This insightful book provides valuable paths to pursue in the search for mental wellbeing.”—Gloria Drake, Library Journal

#1 New Release in Teen & Young Adult Psychology, Women Artists, and Social Science

Amy Tran, creator of Doodledwellness on Instagram and author of This Book is a Safe Space, uses cute doodles to help you take control of your thoughts and emotions with psychology-based coping skills.

Cute doodles, positive affirmations, and coping skills. Amy Tran believes cultivating a safe space in your mind and achieving balance between your thoughts and emotions begins with supporting your mental health. In This Book is a Safe Space, Amy offers cute doodles, self-love affirmations, and encouraging reminders to help you develop positive self-talk.

Colorful illustrations to enhance mental health. Amy’s key to equipping you with mental health tools and tips is colorful graphics that are both visually appealing and engaging. Find positive affirmations, self-love prompts, reminders, and coping strategies.

Understand brain science for a healthier mindset. Sometimes brain science and psychology can be hard to understand and difficult to navigate when building a safe space in your mind. Unlike other books about mental health, This Book is a Safe Space simplifies complex content by providing it in easily understood formats.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Self-love affirmations, encouragement, and practical advice
  • Coping skills for navigating relationships and situations
  • Tips and reminders for strengthening your inner voice


If you liked Anxiety Relief for Teens, Mindfulness Workbook for Teens, or My Therapist Told Me to Journal, you’ll love This Book is a Safe Space.


About the Author

Amy Tran is the creator of @doodledwellness on Instagram, where she has developed a community of followers interested in learning more about brain science and psychology to best support their mental health. Amy has a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology and is in the final year of her PhD program, also in Clinical Psychology. Amy created Doodledwellness to give others insight into their own psychology while providing coping strategies for navigating relationships and situations in daily living. Her goal is to make brain science easy to understand and to equip individuals with the tools needed to nurture a healthy mindset. Amy’s research is funded by Canada’s Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, and she has also been nominated for the Canadian Governor General’s Gold Medal. By blending psychoeducation with engaging illustrations, Amy helps to make improving your mental health accessible for all audiences.


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