Throwback #1

ISBN: 9780062406392
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Corey Fletcher has an active imagination. He sees things no one else does. Cracks jokes no one else gets. And goes places few would ever dare go. Like the past.

All he needs is a metal artifact from a point in time, and Corey can go there. Although hundreds of time travelers live in secret throughout the world, including Corey's own grandfather, none has the ability to change past events.

But when Corey accidentally saves a life while time traveling, he realizes that he is the first-ever "Throwback," with the power to alter life as we know it. Which means his own life is now in all sorts of danger.
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Format, Paperback
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No. of Pages, 340

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Sitinursharina aminah binti saludin
Good reading

This is a fun opening to a trilogy about a kid who can travel through time and also change history. Some of the dialogue was a bit disjointed and awkward, but overall the plot was highly engaging and kept you turning pages as fast as possible to find out how the story would end. There are often gaps and unresolved issues in time travel books, but this one makes sense and is believable even with characters transforming into animals... A great book to recommend to students who enjoy action and adventure. I'm looking forward to reading the next book that comes out in May.