Toxic : a guide to rebuilding respect and tolerance in a hostile workplace

ISBN: 9781472980069
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Publisher,Bloomsbury UK
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Format, Paperback
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The workplace has become a hotbed of social toxicity from the #MeToo movement to WeWork, it s clear that abusive bosses and entrenched cultures of discrimination have become more prevalent than ever. Such behaviour is not only simply wrong and damaging to its victims it also results in reduced productivity, higher employee turnover, and can often leave a stain upon the wider reputation of an organization. In Toxic, Clive Lewis draws upon his decades of experience in HR and mediation to distill the problems and underlying causes of toxic workplaces before tackling the issue head-on. He draws upon first-hand case studies from an eclectic array of workplaces (from corporate offices to hospitals) to demonstrate how toxicity can be both prevented and resolved. This is a practical guide for business leaders and HR professionals looking to preserve a peaceful workplace, while also providing tips for employees looking to remain productive and focused when working with troublesome colleagues in difficult environments.

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Chen Lena

This book is to teach you how to rebuild your respect and tolerence in a hostile workplace. Great book a d enjoyable reading this book. Recommended.

Very insightful and important to read.

This book is an excellent guide to reinforces the need for psychological safety in creating the right culture at modern workplaces. A must read!