Veg in One Bed : How to Grow an Abundance of Food in One Raised Bed, Month by Month

ISBN: 9780241614808
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Publisher,DK UK
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Format, Hardcover
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Grow your own vegetable garden with this practical, straightforward gardening guide.

There is nothing more fulfilling than growing your own home produce. You don't have to be a seasoned gardener to produce a healthy, flourishing garden - all you need is a few seeds, water, sunlight, good advice and patience!

In just one raised bed, author Huw Richards, shows you exactly how to grow vegetables organically, abundantly and inexpensively so you have something to harvest every month of the year.

Here's what you'll find inside:

- Month-by-month guide to what to do and how to do it, including what pests to look out for, and what can be harvested.
- Covers first year in detail, with the final chapter on 'Next Steps' providing suggestions of what to do in years two and three.
- Illustrations show you what the bed should look like month to month.
- Windowsill planting ensures early success cultivating plants before they are transferred into the bed.
- Maintenance sections ensure readers know how to keep their plants (and raised bed) healthy each month.
- Includes instructions on assessing your site and building a 4x10ft (1.2x3m) raised bed.
- Alternative vegetables are recommended, allowing readers to tailor their bed to their taste.
- Plans chart growing season for different circumstances: cool climate, low rainfall, low effort, salad bed, winter bed, herbs and edible flowers.

Month by month, discover what you need to do and how to do it. Try becoming more self-sufficient in your allotment, a small garden, or even on a roof terrace. Veg In One Bed shows you that you can have a small thriving garden and still be able to maintain it, yielding fresh vegetables all year round. Learn what to do each month on your windowsill, where you'll raise seedlings, and in your raised bed, where your plants will grow to maturity. Everything is explained in clear, illustrated steps: building your bed, growing from seed, planting, feeding, and harvesting.

This gardening book not only guides you through the whole process of building your raised bed through to harvesting your vegetables but also provides sustainable gardening practices, which will resonate with all gardeners committed to protecting our planet. This makes for the perfect book for new gardeners who want to grow their own produce, as well as the new generation of gardeners who are seeking a gardening guru of their own age.

Veg in One Bed goes beyond the inspiring demonstrations on his YouTube channel "Huw Richards - Grow Food Organically". In this book he organises all his ideas and suggestions into a blueprint for growing your own vegetables month by month. Little growing experience? Only a small space? No matter - with Veg in One Bed, you can still eat food you have grown all through the year.


About the Author

Huw Richards has been growing organic food in raised beds for the last 17 years and recently launched Abundance Academy, providing online courses on improving garden productivity. Huw's YouTube channel has over 750k subscribers - the most popular videos have more than 4 million views. Huw has written three books with DK, Veg in One Bed (2019), Grow Food For Free (2020), The Vegetable Grower's Handbook (2022).
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