Weird But True! Animals

ISBN: 9781426329814
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300 outrageous facts about wacky wildlife!

Get ready to ooh, aah and aww with wacky stats, tidbits, and trivia about the many ways animals can be incredibly WEIRD! Did you know that you can take a yoga class with goats? Or that there's a pig that loves to paint? Or that slugs have green blood? The wild world of animals just got a little bit weirder in this new edition, packed with 300 facts and photos to encourage curiosity and keep kids entertained, amazed, and laughing for hours!
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Publisher,National Geographic Children's Books
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Format, Paperback
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No. of Pages, 206

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Weird But True Animals

Weird but true about animals that is interesting to learn and to understand better. With amazing photos and illustrations to look at. kids will gets more knowledge about animals and the wildlife.