ISBN: 9781633698239
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Publisher,Harvard Business Review Press
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Format, Hardcover
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No. of Pages, 71

When it comes to strategy, the mistake most managers make is thinking they have one when they don't.

Joan Magretta, author of the bestselling book Understanding Michael Porter, has teamed up with illustrator Emile Holmewood to capture essential strategy concepts in a short, easy-to-understand, graphic format.

Here you'll find the classic Porter frameworks—industry structure and the Five Forces, competitive advantage and the value chain—as well as a set of practical tests to apply in evaluating existing strategies or developing new ones. You'll also learn Porter's thinking about critical issues such as scale, goal setting, sustainability, and disruption.

With a relatable cast of characters—a deadlocked team of managers calls in Professor Porter to help them devise a new strategy—this book brings a sense of fun to a serious subject. It will help you quickly grasp the fundamentals of strategy, whether you're a seasoned strategist looking to cut through all the new buzzwords or a new manager about to lead your first strategy meeting.

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Strategy concept in easy word

This book provide a clear ways to make a strategy that is effective to reach the goal. The author use illustration for us grasp the essential strategy concept making it easy for us to understand it.