Wonders of Learning: Discover Planets, Educational Box Set

ISBN: 9781786905024
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Publisher,North Parade Publishing
Publication Date,
Format, Box Set
Weight, 420 g
No. of Pages, 48

Wonders of Learning: Discover Planets is a brilliantly engaging & informative educational box set of goodies. Ideal for children interested in planets and it is sure to broaden horizons & provide unparalleled homework help for primary and early secondary children. 

The sturdy storage box contains:

  • Wall Poster
  • 48 page Reference Book
  • 24 page Planets Sticker Book
  • Glow in the dark Shapes
  • Model Solar System

Customer Reviews

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A Perfect Book For Kids To Discover

This educational box set is a perfect gift for kids to discover amazing facts about planet. Inside it, such an infographic facts about planets in our solar system and how planets are formed.
With such a big picture of encyclopedia, a sticker book and wall chart to be hang, all these are complete set for kids to discover facts in a fun way.
Worth it to buy!