Author of the Month: Leigh Bardugo
Not all author's paths are a straight line from dream to reality. With an English degree from Yale University, Jerusalem-born Leigh Bardugo worked in journalism and copywriting, but she "always wanted to be a writer. Come hell or high water, I'd finish a book," she told Publishers Weekly in 2012 while talking about her past.

Bardugo's first book, Shadow and Bone, would expand into a young adult trilogy under what is dubbed "Tsarpunk": fantasy incorporating elements of early 19th century Russian culture, politics and social structure. She would go on to craft two separate duologies set in what's now called the Grishaverse. A Netflix adaptation of the Shadow and Bone trilogy, incorporating elements from her Six of Crows duology, premiered in 2021. Her first adult novel, Ninth House, was published in 2019, followed by its sequel, Hell Bent, in early 2023.

From one novel to a growing literary universe spanning books and a TV series that's getting a second season – not bad for an author who once insisted she got "lucky". From the eight-figure deal she recently inked with publisher Macmillan, seems her luck is still holding out.

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Shadow and Bone (Movie Tie-in, US edition)
Square Fish
Cover of "Shadow and Bone" by Leigh Bardugo (Movie Tie-in, US edition)
Enter Bardugo's Grishaverse through the book that started it all. The once-great nation of Ravka is divided by a wall of darkness inhabited by flesh-eating monsters. Young soldier Alina Starkov awakens a dormant power while traversing this darkness and is thrown into the realm of the Grisha: humans with the ability to manipulate matter. Alina finds herself in new territory as she is trained in the ways of the Grisha, but she will learn that the shadowy swath that divides Ravka also hides a horrible secret.

This Grishaverse trilogy continues in Siege and Storm, followed by Ruin and Rising.

Six of Crows
Cover of "Six of Crows" by Leigh Bardugo
In Ketterdam, a busy hub of international trade where anything can be bought and sold, criminal genius Kaz Brekker is given an opportunity to strike it rich, richer than he could ever imagine. However, it's a perilous undertaking, so he needs a crew. But managing a criminal coterie comprising a vengeful convict, a runaway, a spy, a mage, a thief and a sharpshooter might be even more dangerous...

This Grishaverse duology concludes in Crooked Kingdom.

King of Scars
Cover of "King of Scars" by Leigh Bardugo
Nikolai Lantsov has his work cut out for him. As the king of Ravka, he has to fix the country in the aftermath of the Ravkan Civil War while struggling to tame the darkness he is infested with. Other intrigues swirl around the young sovereign and his allies as he and his battered kingdom are threatened by neighbouring nations and the remnants of the dark forces that once split Ravka into two.

This Grishaverse duology concludes in Rule of Wolves.

Ninth House
Cover of "Ninth House" by Leigh Bardugo
Galaxy “Alex” Stern is not a typical Yale freshman. A school dropout who spent years on the wrong side of the tracks and a survivor of a heinous unsolved crime, the last thing on her mind is trouble. Thing is, she's tasked by her mysterious benefactors with keeping a eye on the goings-on in Yale’s secret societies – shadowy cliques of the future rich and powerful. And what they're up to is more sinister and more extraordinary than any paranoid mind might conjure.

Check out the sequel, Hell Bent.

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