Mr Mystery #7: The Mystery Of The Boy Who Never Was

ISBN: 9789814193368
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Publisher,Angsana Books
Publication Date,
Format, Paperback
Weight, 250 g
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Who is the mysterious Justen?
What is the secret of the ancient silver bowl?
Why is the vicious criminal called The Shark so desperate to steal it?
It’s a slow day for Alvin’s investigators… until they’re roped in to search for a stolen car. Meanwhile, Mars Wong turns suspicious when her rich friend, Sabrina Sim, falls for a guy named Justen.

Customer Reviews

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Jason Looi

I think that the book was very interesting
Because of how Alvin and his investigaders
A mystery of a stolen car and how Mars had a mystery of her own. I also like a the double crossing between The Snake and The Shark. I can surly call this story a story I will never forget. 👍