61 Hours (A Jack Reacher Thriller )

ISBN: 9780553818130
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Icy winter in South Dakota. A bus skids and crashes in a gathering storm. On the back seat: Jack Reacher, hitching a ride to nowhere. A life without baggage has many advantages. And disadvantages too, like facing the arctic cold without a coat. HOUR THIRTY-ONE: A small town is threatened by sinister forces. One brave woman is standing up for justice.If she's going to live to testify, she'll need help from a man like Reacher.Because there's a killercoming for her. HOUR ZERO: Has Reacher finally met his match? He doesn't want to put the world to rights. He just doesn't like people who put it to wrongs.

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Publisher,Bantam Books
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Format, Paperback
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Kam Oon Tian
61 Hours (A Jack Reacher Thriller )

No time to be bored ...

61 Hours

This is definitely one of the better books. The ending is stunning, and Jack ends up in an international drug war in this little town that was once home to a minuteman nuclear weapon. A good read for those who like Jack Reacher and mystery and thriller genres.

Great story

This book had a kind of interesting topic as our nomad Reacher is hitching a ride on a bus that ends up crashing in a snowy South Dakota town. A few murders occur and Reacher assists the local police in the investigations. He also has to stay in the town until new transportation can be set up. He's used as a bodyguard for an old lady who's a witness in a drug trial. There are many suspicious things going on in the town around the new prison, a old air force territory, and inside the police force. Reacher's trying to help the witness and some of the people in town while figuring out what's going on. Good story and characters, I enjoyed the story and he plot twists.