A Prince Called "Charlie"

ISBN: 9789671651506
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This is the extraordinary life of the spirited son of Malaysia’s first king.

First published as Tunku Abdullah – A Passion of Life, this 20th anniversary edition tells his full story, from his birth in Kuala Pilah to his death at KLIA. This is much more than the story of a playboy, his partying lifestyle and his six wives. It covers his harrowing time in war-torn Japan, his controversial visit to Israel, a close friendship with Tun Mahathir and his several close shaves with death. It is also the story of Malaysia, seen through the life of one remarkable man.
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Meor Ibrahim

I enjoyed reading the book and feel enriched with the knowledge it offers. Yes, in this beautiful Malaysia life can be really beautiful, enjoyable, if we know the limits, and appreciate the boundaries between human nature and human beliefs: both entrapped by man imposed conditions. How to find a balanced view and allow freedom of thought to remain intact? Perhaps Tunku Abdullah’s story is something we Malaysians have to learn.

A prince called charlie

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