A Promised Land (US)


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Publisher: Random House (US) Crown

ISBN: 9781524763169

Format: Hardcover

Weight: 750 g

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Anis Syahira Mhd Yusof
Barack Obama

This is a fantastic memoir from a former president. The book is well-written, and it is honest in pointing out his flaws and successes. Reading about his emotions and perspectives on various situations was fascinating.

Chen Lena
A promised land

This is new book. Can recommend. Worth reading and worth buying online.

Muhammad Ikram Ahmad Kausari
Well that was..thorough

At more than 750 pages, this is just volume one of Obama's presidential memoirs. He takes readers behind the scenes from his childhood through the raid to kill Osama bin Laden. And then it just abruptly ends, leaving us to anticipate the next installment. The parts I appreciated most were glimpses at his family life, particularly how he spent time with his wife and daughters in the White House. Those segments highlight cracks and vulnerabilities in his polished veneer, revealing the man behind the rhetoric. On the whole, I view presidential memoirs as historical documents and try not to allow my political leanings to color my judgment on them.

Lussi Abraham
Great story to tell

The book is worth the time and money we spent for the books. This book is about black president who ruled the the America,a land that its majority is conquered by white citizens. He played a great role in The financial crisis, racism crisis and also the military combat of the country. He had simply said that leadership looks easily from the television but it needed greater support for Barack Obama. I'm truly happy that MPH had stock of this book while other stores were running low on it.

ahmad ridhuan bin abdul murad
A Promised Land (US)

The first book volume A Promised Land is of Barack Obama's widely anticipated presidential memoir. He details his political rise, the 2008 campaign for president, and what his administration accomplished in their first 2.5 years in office.
Filled with his characteristic intelligence and thoughtfulness it vividly portrays all that his administration has accomplished and the ways they fell short,

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