Fascinating Facts to Blow Your Curious Mind: An awesome collection of the wildest trivia about everything on Earth … and beyond!

ISBN: 9781529917147
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Publisher,Random House UK
Publication Date,
Format, Hardcover
Weight, 349 g
No. of Pages, 240

Did you know that the reason you can never find the end of a rainbow is because they are actually full circles?

Or that our fingers shrivel up when they get wet because our bodies are adapting to give us a better grip in the water?

Fascinating Facts to Blow Your Curious Mind features unlikely and hilarious trivia on everything from history and animals to the ocean and space, as well as a special section on little-known knowledge which one day just might save your life.

Inside, you can also find answers to such key questions as:

Are we all related?
What is more dangerous, a koala or a crocodile?
Did the Pope cause the Black Death?
Why was 'New York' once known as 'New Orange'?
Should you use spiderwebs as a bandage?
How much bamboo would it take to cover the Taj Mahal?


About the Author

MJC Matthew is a 24-year-old Welsh TikTok star, known for his commentary on mysterious phenomena and quirky current affairs stories. He holds a masters degree in Forensic Science.

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