Bouncing Back!: How You Rebound from Disappointment and Disaster

ISBN: 9780645846256
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Publisher, Seashell Publishers
Publication Date,
Format, Paperback
Weight, 309 g
No. of Pages, 158

7 steps to rebound from disaster and disappointment. Find new purpose. Discover resilience you never knew you had.

About the author

Andrew Matthews is an Australian speaker and author known for his numerous self help books. Matthews was born in Victor Harbor, South Australia.

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Chuang Li Oong
Bouncing Back

Andrew Matthews always been a very inspiring author. I read most of his book, the root message is generally almost the same, but the way he conveys the message in each book always surprise and inspire in different way, until now even I read back the old book, new inspiration discovered, it's like a ray leads through the journey of my life. Thank you Andrew.