Call Upon Him

ISBN: 9789832423751
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The original version of this book was titled Prayers For Success, and it was first published in 2011. Now in 2019, Ustaz Mizi Wahid has collaborated IMAN Publication to revise the contents and produce an updated version of this book with the title renamed to Call Upon Him: 21 Steps To Strengthen Our Trust In Allah

This book is not merely a compilation of supplications taken from the Quran and the Sunnah. It is a book written with the sole intention to inspire Muslims to have unquestionable faith in the Most Generous Lord, Allah s.w.t. through the supplications they make to Him.

There are plenty of books out there this present day which compiles a list of supplications; long and short, along with its meanings for their readers to choose from. Thus, this book hopes to deliver differently, in the area of encouragement and support for those who have been knocking on heaven’s doors but have yet to get a response or have been disappointed with the answers they have received so far.

In this book, tips are written on the recommended times and methods, encouragement is given to stay in faith throughout the long wait and selected supplications are written to keep us connected to Allah s.w.t. through constant remembrance and prayer.
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Call upon him

This book give inspired for me how connect more to Allah. For me, this book can be one of guidance as we try to be a good muslims. I really recommend it this book.

Fazlinna Merican

Call Upon Him

Nurul Auni Nadhirah


Siti Khatijah Mohamad

Call Upon Him

Kathy Salleh
Fulfilling read

This book really emphasize on prayers and du’a and it’s so helpful for me and I believe it will be helpful for everyone too