Digital Manga Composition & Perspective: A Guide for Comic Book Artists

ISBN: 9784805317921
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Publisher,Tuttle Publishing
Publication Date,
Format, Paperback
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No. of Pages, 275

Learn to apply basic principles of composition and perspective to make your artwork more powerful!

In this unique book, author and illustrator Rui Tomono provides detailed case studies showing you how to create more compelling illustrations using the time-honored principles of composition and perspective. Follow Rui's examples, notes and tips as you learn to create dynamic compositions that will thrill readers and keep them turning the page.

When you use the right perspective, framing and focal points, you lead the viewer's eye and communicate your stories in a clear and engaging way. Rui also explains how to add color to your B&W sketches to create spectacular finished artworks.

The in-depth case studies in this book show you how to:
  • Establish the point of view of an illustration correctly
  • Position elements in a balanced way using the rule of thirds, the golden ratio, and more
  • Express a sense of dynamic flow for moving subjects
  • Create clearly defined foregrounds and backgrounds
  • And much more!

About the Author:
Rui Tomono is a professional illustrator and manga artist who works as a character designer, storyboard artist and conceptual artist for game developers and animation studios. He is especially known for his Giga Momotaro Kitan series of graphic novels describing sinister paranormal phenomena, where agents of an elite organization exorcise demons threatening to destroy the entire populace. In addition to his personal work, Tomono was the conceptual designer for the TV anime Black Rock Shooter DAWN FALL and production designer for the TV anime RWBY Hy?setsu Teikoku. He was the character designer for EARTH WARS from OneorEight Inc. and ZERO ESCAPE: Zero Time Dilemma from Spike Chunsoft Co. He was also the conceptual artist and creature designer for Dead Mark Switch from Experience Co. and served as the conceptual artist for the CG anime series The Relative Words from Crafter Inc. for Hulu Japan.

The diverse and multitalented artists of Studio Hard Deluxe are among Japan's leading art creators and illustrators of science fiction, fantasy and animated movies, creating illustrations and special effects, retro culture, manga, cosplay, photography and other visual arts. The studio has worked on over 2000 gaming and game-strategy books as well as the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game and is currently developing designs for magazines, videos and publishing books such as How to Create Manga: Drawing Clothing and Accessories.

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