Everyone Is Awful - How People Fail--And So Can You!

ISBN: 9780593420720
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A book to help you laugh about your insecurities, doubts, and sore spots, reminding you that it’s not just you—everyone is a little bit awful!

In this world, there are two inescapable truths. First, you will die someday. And second, you are horrible at a lot of things.
In this hilarious and relatable book, popular artist Natalya Lobanova invites readers to revel in the harsher realities of life. Through a mixture of comics, infographics, and activity pages, you can explore the myriad ways you may not be living up to your expectations, and ultimately (hopefully) learn how to accept your flaws and failures with a good self-deprecating chuckle. Some examples include:
  Bad Date Bingo
  Choose Your Life Path maze
  relationship flow charts
  and more! 
A perfect gift for perfectionists, pessimists, or anyone questioning themselves, 
Everyone is Awful is sure to put a smile on the face of every Debbie Downer.


About the Author

Natalya Lobanova is a freelance writer, artist, illustrator, and animator. A former BuzzFeed writer and illustrator, she has been creating viral artwork for years, with many pieces shared hundreds of thousands of times. Her previous clients include the BBC, Vice (Change Incorporated), The New Yorker, Apartment Therapy, BuzzFeed, Penguin, The Iconic, The International Women’s Media Fund, The Press Forward, and New York magazine (The Strategist).
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