Harmony Heights

ISBN: 9789815144512
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Publisher,Penguin Books
Publication Date,
Format, Paperback
Weight, 260 g
No. of Pages, 298

Harmony Heights is anything but harmonious.

In this nineties-style block of condominium located in a forgotten part of town resides a microcosm of bourgeois Malaysian society. From retired judges and doctors to CEOs and homemakers with side hustles, the residents in this apartment pride themselves on being model citizens.

But beneath the veneer of civility and respectability, lies a hotbed of secrets and skeletons that reveal the true nature of these residents.

How will they respond to the trials and tribulations which life throws at them?

Will they all manage to keep up appearances when their private affairs and exploits are exposed?

Harmony Heights is a peephole, allowing you to look in, to watch the unfolding lives of cheating husbands, ambitious women, unconventional families, and witness explosive (literally) situations. If you look close enough, you might just see someone you know.

Are you ready to keep a secret?


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Cindy Chua
Delightful read