Holiday Scrapbook, My 1ed

ISBN: 9781787013186
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Help kids bring their holidays back home! This colourful and fun scrapbook provides a place for children to collect and store mementoes from their travels. There's plenty of space to stick in tickets, photos and other souvenirs collected from any trip. Includes a page of stickers and a pouch to keep memories safe.

My Holiday Scrapbook has lots of room for kids to get creative on their own, as well as providing ideas and suggestions to help younger children get started. And with lots of stickers to add, it's easy to personalise each journal and make it stand out.

Highlights include:

Create a city skyline with ticket stubs Fill a pirate's treasure chest with super-shiny scrap Make an icky sticky food diary Complete a mosaic masterpiece Go leaf collecting and create a miniature park Record the weather. How sunny has it been? Create a zoo with pictures of animals you've seen Collect teeny tiny shells and fossils Design a flag for your holiday destination Make a self-portrait out of sticks and twigs

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Publisher,Lonely Planet
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Format, Paperback
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Holiday Scrapbook

This is a bright and attractive scrapbook with bold colours and some really innovative activity suggestions. I would say it's geared for ages under 9 perhaps and certainly would make documenting the summer holidays a lot of fun.