Hope in Hell

ISBN: 9781471193286
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A book for facing head-on—and averting—the oncoming global climate change disaster, by inspiring people to move from general concern and passive support to active protagonists for change.

Climate change is our era's defining issue. We know, beyond reasonable doubt, that climate change is accelerating. To face a challenge greater than humanity has ever seen before, we must also accelerate ourselves, by summoning a sense of urgency, courage, and shared effort to match it. Jonathan Porritt's Hope In Hell is meant to do just that, by confronting the issue directly and strongly, but also with inspiration and hope; it's not too late to avoid the worst consequences of climate change. Ultimately optimistic despite the dire challenge presented to the world, Porritt explores current science and new technologies, mobilization of younger people and political action, and encouraging intergenerational solidarity as older generations learn their own responsibilities in creating a better world for their successors. 

Customer Reviews

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Tiong Yong Keu

This was an excellent read and detailed introduction to the topic of our environmental challenges. It is really well written by someone who is incredibly knowledgeable and bought into the issue.
I am much more likely and willing to get involved in taking action now I have read the book. Big thank you to Jonathan Porritt.