How Not to Fit In: An Unapologetic Guide to Navigating Autism and ADHD

ISBN: 9780008589226
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’The lack of information around how ADHD and autism shows up in adults means that many of us have been assuming we were anxious, not working hard enough, or just entirely failing altogether.’ – Jess Joy and Charlotte Mia

Written by two late-diagnosed neurodivergent women and the founders of fast-growing online community @IAmPayingAttentionHOW NOT TO FIT IN is an handbook-meets-rallying cry.

Foregrounding real experiences with autism and ADHD, this book explores the journey of discovering, accepting and flourishing with your neurodivergent brain. It explores why getting diagnosis can be so fraught and gendered, and how to navigate a world which centres neurotypical brains in the realms of relationships, careers, friendships and finances.

By reading this book, you’ll:

  • Start to understand why so many people are being diagnosed with ADHD and autism right now
  • Learn the impact that not knowing your own brain can have on your mental health
  • Find the confidence to ask for accommodations and adjustments at work – without apologising
  • Have the chance to note down how this journey is evolving for you in chapter-by-chapter workbook sections.
  • … and, most importantly, get to know yourself and your needs better.

Featuring the latest research and thinking on neurodivergence, contributions from dozens of experts and the real stories of people just like you, this innovative book – which has been written and designed especially for *spicy* brains – is essential reading for anyone whose brain seems to see the world in a different way.


About the Author

Best friends of a decade Jess Joy and Charlotte Mia founded the Instagram platform @IAmPayingAttention in October 2020 and in the three years since have fostered a community of nearly 100k people. They both identify as late-diagnosed neurodivergent women.


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