How Not To Lead: Lessons Every Manager Can Learn From Dumpster Chickens Mushroom Farmers & Other Office Offenders

ISBN: 9781394201983
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Step Aside, Mediocre Leaders: Learn What NOT To Do!

Ditch the fluff and sugarcoating and learn how to lead the way your people deserve. In How NOT To Lead, Dr. Chase Cunningham, a seasoned cybersecurity heavyweight and Retired Navy Chief, doesn't give you a textbook guide on leadership ― he delivers a no-holds-barred, gloves-off masterclass on the lethal mistakes that'll tank your leadership game and ultimately sink your reputation and even your company's future.

Want the brutal truth? This book slaps you with some cold, hard realities:

  • What happens when you fall off your ego and hit your IQ on the way down as a leader, and why you need to do that.
  • The absolute idiocy of "Mushroom Farming": keeping your team in the dark, feeding them crap, and expecting gourmet results.
  • A nowhere-to-hide deep dive into "Dumpster Chickens" leadership: using destructive tactics that rip apart team spirit and obliterate business success.
  • The triple threat: the three non-negotiable currencies every leader MUST have. Miss one, and you're doomed.
  • Eye-opening case studies ― ripped from headlines and history books ― that throw a spotlight on the real-world disasters of crappy leadership.

Aimed squarely at managers, executives, and anyone brave enough to lead, How NOT To Lead is your audacious guide through the minefield of leadership pitfalls. If you've got the intestinal fortitude to read this book, then drop what you are doing and hitch up your britches for some tough love.

Don't let mediocrity be your legacy, do better. Your employees deserve it and so do you!


About the Author

CHASE CUNNINGHAM, known in the cybersecurity industry as “DrZeroTrust,” has extensive expertise in every aspect of enterprise security. He is a former Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester, where he tracked and covered all aspects of enterprise security, including Zero Trust trends, technologies, and frameworks.


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